Accommodative Behavioral Traits That Escort Girls in Paris Should Portray?


There are so many things that attract customers to escort girls in Paris. The fact thing is that they admire the good looks and skills of these professionals. Escorts should also make the client feel that they are handsome. The escort industry is not an industry where you will be kissing the princes all the time. You will find yourself kissing so many frogs.

However, the way some of them act and treat you turns them into princess. Even that ugliest customers has something positive in him. Find a trait that will make him feel good about himself. Compliment customers on their smile, eyes, great hair on head, strong hands, and sense of humor.

Customers also base their masculinity level on the way you respond to their lovemaking skills. Be ready to build your customer by gushing about their stamina, sexual passion, or anything you would like to comment on. The customer should be proud of his bedroom abilities. Don’t criticize the customer about his inability to please intimately. You should offset his feelings after having bad experiences with the others.

You also need to give customers a chance to be emotional. The customer has a feeling that he needs to maintain a strong personality with his loved one and hence may lack an emotional outlet. He may not have a person to discuss his feeling with or profess their fears to.

As an escort, you should create an environment where the customer will be free to tell you anything. Let it be a safe zone where everything is emotionally permissible. It will give the customer an opportunity to release any pressures that he could be going through and release any pent up emotions.

Even though you may not be happy about providing a shoulder for the customer to cry on, that could be what he is looking for. When customers get emotional, give them an opportunity to explore their feelings. Don’t discourage them by moving to the other activities. Escorts are like therapists because the customer should feel he is with a person who will not judge him. Give them room to take out their frustrations before getting back to their real lives.

To be a good escort girl, you also need to accept the quirks of your customer. Even if the client is not willing to accept that he has a few eccentricities, he could be having. In fact, we have customers who have major ones.

Apart from acceptance, these customers want a person who will embrace their oddities and make them feel comfortable about them. For instance, a customer may have been shunned in previous relationships for wearing women underwear. Apart from tolerating this fetish, think of it as a positive trait.

Let him know that it makes him sexy as this will make him feel at peace in your hands. Be prepared for everything and learn to see the positive in the non-mainstream habits that your customers present. At first, some behavioral aspects may be shocking but if they seem astonishing to you, it will drive away the customer. Some of these girls are readily available at Lovesita 92.

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