Common Mistakes Made by Transfer Students – Ways to Avoid Them


Mistakes are bound to happen when you are doing something for the first time. College transfer is a tricky task that involves a lot of hassles. Many students find it a daunting process. Less research and distinctive challenges can cause potential pitfalls.

Here are listed a few important mistakes that transfer students make and how they can avoid them.

Failing to visit the campus

A majority of transfer students do not visit schools as they find it unessential. This is not the right thing to do. Before you choose a college for transfer, you need to visit the campus.  By taking a tour of the college campus, you can see their dormitory room, sit in the classroom, meet faculty members, and learn about the financial assistance, and admission process.

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Applying very late

Most of the students delay in sending their transfer application to the respective college. This is because they do not sense any urgency and need to send it soon to their new college. It is advised that students who look for college transfer should contact the schools, and send transfer applications to them 1½ years in advance.

This extra time will provide you a cushion to properly work through logistical issues that you could come across before making the transfer. You may even need to check the deadline for the “major” that suits your interest as different majors can have deadlines.

Doing it SOLO

College transfer is a cumbersome task. It is better to involve the transfer counselor and admission counselor in this process. They are more experienced, and expert in performing this task. They would even support you or advocate you at any college to aid in the easy accomplishment of the task.

With their assistance, your transfer process will gain speed and accomplish in less than expected time. If you communicate your need for college transfer to them in advance, then it will ensure a smooth transition to your chosen school.

Failing to file the FAFSA

You may have not required to apply for financial aid in the current college. However, it may not be the case when you get transferred to a 4-year institution.

Due to the high fee, and tuition cost, you may require applying to the FAFSA as soon as it opens. The probable dates for FAFSA are October 1. Some states also provide grants within their own deadlines. So do not miss to file your FAFSA soon.

Not enjoying the transfer process

The transfer procedure signifies the end of the incredible effort and progress. By following these steps, you can ensure an easy transition. Meet current students, enjoy orientation events, and involve in activities that you love to participate in. Once you get into college, you would no more be considered as a transfer student. Enjoy this ride.


By learning about these mistakes, you can effectively guard yourself against these mistakes. By being well-informed you can accomplish the transfer procedure easily.

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