Get Your Brick and Mortar Store Noticed


Getting foot traffic is one of the most important aspects of brick and mortar stores. Chalk art, window displays and a custom flag can help drive people into your place of business where you can make more sales. More importantly, when used correctly these items can also improve your web presence.

Chalk It Up

If you’re on social media, you may have seen some amazing sidewalk chalk art. By using sidewalk chalk artistically, you can get more from your investment in the advertising. The post is sure to be popular, and the art will get you more foot traffic at the offline store. You may even be able to find an art student from a local school to do the job (just be sure to pay him or her.) If you prefer, a daily chalkboard sign is another to boost foot traffic while getting a social media post in the bargain. All you have to do is find a funny or wise saying that pertains to your business, write it on a chalkboard sign outside, and post the photo on the Internet. Be sure to include your store’s name and address on the chalkboard in case the post goes viral.

Create Great Window Displays

Macy’s has been doing it for decades. People make specific trips to see what’s in the window. If your store has a beautiful window facing a street, you can do the same thing. The best way to make a window display yourself is to start with a plan for the year. Know what holidays are going to influence your design and what new releases you can play with. Another choice would be to hire a professional company to provide the display. If you can get movement in your window display, you’re going to get more attention, too.

Fly Your Flag

Everyone loves flags. They hang them in their rooms, off their front porch and even out their car windows. Your own custom flag can help your store get noticed, especially if you’re working with a good Internet presence. You could fly Old Glory and attract the attention of some people, but you want to reinforce your image and connect your brick and mortar store to your presence online. A custom flag with your logo on it can do just that. Flying your flag will show people, who have seen your shop online, that they’re in the right. If the logo is powerful enough, the flag can also attract new customers. Hang it outside from a flag pole or hang it your window. Order several flags at the same time, and you can have a cool item to sell or give to your best customers.

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