Important Questions That You Must Ask Your Adwords Agency


One of the mistakes that businesses make at the time of hiring an Adwords Agency is not asking them the right questions. This is because a majority of businesspeople lack the necessary knowledge about AdWords advertising strategy.

They do not have a detailed knowledge of AdWords, it’s working, the working of an AdWords agency, and things to expect from PPC advertising agency. This post is written to help businesses to provide the necessary knowledge to make an informed hiring decision.

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

In PPC, you pay when someone clicks on the advertisement. The best part of this strategy is that the user only needs to pay when any person clicks on their PPC Ads. Impressions displayed on the Ad are free of cost.
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In what ways does PPC advertising work?

Every PPC Advertisement company works in a different manner. PPC advertising is effectively targeted. It is likely to get you more conversions than other types of advertising, and marketing methods.

How impactful is PPC advertising?

When you use PPC advertising in the business, it will put you in the high-commercial intent category. Create a PPC marketing campaign doubles your opportunities to attract valuable traffic to the website.

What is Google AdWords?

It is an effective PPC advertising platform. Businesses who use this advertising strategy with AdWords should reach their potential audience via the Google Display Network, and Google Search Network.

PPC campaigns are made via AdWords, launched, tracked, and measured through the platform. To reap the maximum value out of the investment it is advised to partner with a reputed PPC advertising company. It will help in optimizing your marketing campaigns effectively.

Are you a Google Partner?

It is advised to only partner with an official Google Partner company. It assures that the company has got adequate knowledge, experience and follows the best AdWords practices.

Is there any monthly minimum advertisement spend?

Before you hire an ads agency, it is important to be check about the minimum spend on the advertisement.

How do you structure your management fees?

Different ads management companies have different ways to arrive at the management fee. Agencies consider various factors when it comes to deciding on the management fee. Some charges a flat monthly fee, while others base pricing on the amount of ad spend, or estimated hours.

It is advised to ask about the billing procedure in the first meeting itself before you hire them. Always learn about the policy documents carefully so that you don’t miss out on any valuable information.


Ask all these questions before you enter into any contract. It will help you a lot in knowing about the Adwords agency that you will be working with. All these questions ensure that you get maximum value from your PPC marketing agency.

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