The Reasons and the Places that make Vancouver the Best Place to Visit


There are few places in the word that are recognized as the best places to live, and Vancouver is one of them and been on the list for decades. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and located in the province of British Columbia in Canada which is also famous for other picturesque and scenic locations. The province of British Columbia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and mainly due to the tall mountains, the spectacular landscape, thick green forest, amazing waterfalls, sprawling beaches, Strait of Georges that separates Vancouver from the mainland, and the Vancouver itself is the central and important urban city of Canada.

Vancouver is a coastal city in western Canada and the center of attraction in British Columbia. Vancouver is always listed in the top five cities that are best when it comes to the quality of life. The city itself is surrounded by spectacular landscapes but also has imposing architecture and full of activity. Vancouver also is the ethnically most diverse city in Canada and has a natural beauty that is not found in any other modern and populated city of the world. The astounding and awe-inspiring beauty of Vancouver has also featured in numerous international films and songs. The city has also hosted many important sports and cultural events. If you wish to visit Vancouver then Sky ITL Travel Like a Local will help you all the information you need to make your trip a fantastic one. The reasons that you should visit Vancouver are

  • Friendly and hospitable people

Vancouver is home to people practicing a different religion, culture, and traditions. Studies show that 40% of people residing in Vancouver are immigrants. Canadians are very polite and friendly people, and you would find the same in Vancouver. The people are quite helpful; kind and open

  • The blue waters of the Ocean

The clam and vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean touch Vancouver which has nearly everything from long sandy beaches, rugged shoreline and tide pools. The notable beaches include Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, Kitsilano Beach, and Sunset Beach.

  • The tall and enormous Mountains

People visit mountainous regions to feel the serenity, but Vancouver already has sharp and stunning peaks in its vicinity. The North Shore Mountains are truly spectacular in the winters. There are also many ski resorts which you should visit. The famous mountain peaks are Cypress, Seymour, and Grouse. In summers people like to hike in the trails of Lynn Canyon but climbing Grouse Mountain is quite tough and challenging.

  • The urban City

Apart from the picturesque scenery, Vancouver is a big cosmopolitan city having nearly everything such as five-star hotels, restaurants, trendy retail stores, art galleries, sporting clubs, movie theatres, and arenas for musical concerts.

  • The delicious Food

Many people are quite tentative about eating in local restaurants and cafes, but the food available in Vancouver is quite sumptuous and exquisite. There is a wide variety of cuisines available such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, German, and the Mediterranean.

  • The weather and climate

Vancouver is a very rainy city, and it rains quite often. The climate is superb all year round, and as the city is located in the northern hemisphere, so the temperature in summers are pleasant and cool, but winters are quite cold and mild.

  • The food and farmer markets

Vancouver is full of big and small food, farmers, and flea markets. The Richmond Night Market is probably the largest night market in the whole of North America having more than 500 food options, more than 100 food stalls, and other activities such as carnival games. The Eastside Flea market is popular for antique clothing, collectible items, and handmade products. Granville Market is also famous for food and local products

  • The trendy and sophisticated shopping

Vancouver has many high end and trendy local and designer stores where you could do extravagant shopping. The downtown area is full of shops and Main Street, Gastown and Commercial Drive are the best boutique stores.

  • Places to visit

Vancouver is always brimming with activity, and top attractions that you should see are Capilano Suspension Bridge, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Science World. There are also entertaining events held every so often such as ‘Celebration of Light,’ International Jazz Festival, Italian Day, and Khatsahlano Street Party.

Vancouver is mostly famous for its enchanting natural beauty, and you visit the natural attractions too such as Stanley Park, The Seawall, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden, and Grouse Mountain.

Stanley Park is considered to be the best public park in the world, and it is best if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is around 400 hectares with sprawling beaches, amazing wildlife, and restaurants. You can take a bicycle tour of the park, swim in the swimming pool and play golf. The Seawall is a must-see and it’s the longest uninterrupted sea path with 28 km of the walkway along the beach with stunning views of the downtown.

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