Things to Know About Crystal Chandelier Glass Before Buying


People have been using chandeliers since many years. Earlier, candle holders were used in place of lamps. Usually, such chandeliers are hanged on the ceiling to light the room.

During the 17th century, casting process of glass prism was developed, which was relatively cheap to produce and also work with.

The latest models of chandeliers that are produced nowadays also uses the same glass, which was polished and hand-cut into many different angles and shapes for increasing candle power light.

Following are few different types of chandelier crystals that you can get from the market.

  • Swarovski elements crystal

This is one of the finest qualities of crystals, which is produced by Swarovski AG which is one of the Austrian companies. These types of crystals are available in many different sizes, colors and shapes.

These crystals are usually cut by the machine and also polished to produce perfect shape and optic clarity. After that, an invisible coating is also applied so that it will be easier to clean them.

  • Spectra crystal

As mentioned above, the Swarovski crystal glasses are manufactured by a company called Swarovski AG. Spectra crystals are generally little less expensive variety as compared to other Swarovski crystals.

These Spectra crystals are offered only in very limited shape and size, while the Strass crystal is available in many different shapes comparatively.

  • Egyptian/Moroccan crystal

This variety of crystal is considered as first quality, which are crystal glass of machine cut having flawlessness and clarity which is far above industry standards.

Although they are not so good like Swarovski or Strass crystal, but these variety of crystals are characterized by certain prismatic brilliance, sharp faceting, visual purity and precise polishing.

  • Turkish crystal

These types of crystals are produced by a method which was used centuries ago. They are produced with a very labor-intensive process, where crystals are first cut by using hand in 2 stages on the iron and then with sandstone grinding wheels.

After that, each crystal will be polished on the wood wheel by using marble dust. Therefore, you can easily notice faint traces produced due to wood wheel in all finished pieces, which is a mark of its authenticity.

  • Italian crystal

This kind of crystal comes from few regions which are considered as historic glass-making region located around Venice and it also has its look and feel of its own.

This kind of Venetian crystal will be molded and also fire-polished instead of machine or hand cut, and as a result beautifully subtle luminosity is created. Usually, these crystals are modestly priced, as compared to cut crystal.

  • Chinese and K9 crystal

These types of crystals can be mass produced, as they offer a wonderful appearance at a very modest price. They are cut and polished almost like more expensive varieties and has very high optic quality and have precision facets.

Plenty of consumers who are looking for a high value item with less price prefer this variety.

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