Tips To Get Admission In The United States Naval Academy


United States Naval Academy [USNA] is a small part of the vast military community, so getting admission is a competitive program. The acceptance rate is less than 10% every year. The application process will take months of careful consideration and planning so that the admission committee appreciates your capabilities.

Basic qualifications

USNA has particular eligibility criteria even if the applicant wants to become a Midshipman aspirant.

  • US citizen
  • Unmarried
  • On 1st July age 17-23 [during admission]
  • No dependents
  • Not pregnant
  • Have Valid SSN [Social Security Number]

USNAs application process

  1. Preliminary application

Applicants are requested to submit a preliminary application for determining their competitiveness. For this application provide the following –

  • SSN
  • High school class-rank
  • ETS [Educational Testing Service] code from High School counselor
  • Congressional state & district
  • Standardized test scores including ACT, SAT, or PSAT
  • Full-zip code

If the applicant has participated in USNA’s summer program the there is no to submit a preliminary application. After review, accepted applicants will be offered an official USNA candidate number. International students and applicants on active duty need to follow a little different process. Read more here.

  1. Applying as official USNA candidate

Now, Official candidates need to submit extra details including their academic background, leadership potentials, and physical abilities.

  • SAT [average 1285] or ACT [average 72]
  • Average GPA of 3.94
  • IB or AP transcripts, if any
  • Recommendation letters
  • USNA scheduled medical exam completed
  • Candidate fitness assessment
  • In-person interview with allocated USNA’s Blue & Gold officer
  • Personal essay

How to increase your chances to get admission into USNA?

Main academic excellence in tandem with USNA admission standards

Competitive applicant needs to aim –

  • Minimum 4.3 GPA
  • For SAT score 1285
  • For ACT score 72

Join extracurricular that supports the USNA’s value

  • Join a sports team, your school band, or some other group activity. For example, if the USNA prefers music a lot, then connect to a group related to that activity.
  • Beyond college, volunteer to do good deeds for the local community. USNA desires applicants to be a good ambassador representing their school. Students need to be a good humanitarian with a responsibility of rewarding the local community. It includes church group, tutoring, national honor society, old home, etc.
  • Spend summer performing activities that speak about your leadership qualities, personal growth, values, and other hidden computable characteristics. Besides tests and scores, the USNA admission committee needs to get an idea of how much value you will contribute to their community. Your experiences need to prove that!

What is a competitive application?

The competition for USNA appointment is extremely fierce. Every applicant must take time and work on their admission application to impress the admission team. High school students can start involving in summer programs or campus visits as early as possible. They get time to join some challenging courses, cultivate management skills, and explore their interests. This is essential to write a successful application.

Applicants take rigorous academic courses for gaining a competitive edge. In high school, all the Midshipmen participated in advanced Math and science courses including Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. Several high school students choose college credit or advanced placement courses. USNA needs the applicant to possess a strong academic foundation to handle their course load in the future.

USNA produces top-tier military leaders!

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