What Can You Expect While Working with A Landscape Designer?


Are you looking to design a landscape for your residential or commercial space? You need a landscape design specialist to guide you through the entire process of landscape designing. In this article, we will list things what you need to expect at the time of working with a landscape designer.

First Meeting

Landscape designers will charge a fee to make a visit to your site. The fee for this first meeting is charged as a consultation fee. Ensure that you talk about all the ideas that you have in your mind about landscape design. This is a good time to talk about your budget too.

The landscape would want to assess your design requirements. They may check about how many guests you expect to entertain in the landscape. Other concerns that need to be discussed in this meeting will be: how you are going to use the landscape, who is responsible to take care of the landscape, how you want to use your landscaping, etc.

All these exchange of ideas and question-answer section will help in initial preparation for the landscape design work. It will get them clarity about the project and will accelerate the design process. This is also the right time to know about the landscape designer, the area of their specialization, and ways to make the landscape design functional and creative.

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Landscape Design Concept

This is the second phase of a landscape design project. After the initial design, the landscape designer will work with you on the design concept. He will prepare the initial design that includes the overall layout, the placement of shrubs, perennials, and trees, and the flow of beds.

Sharing of this design concept will ensure that you as well as your designer imagine a similar beautiful landscape. After looking at this concept, you can ask for amendments in the design, or approve it.

Landscape Design

This is the phase when the landscape designer shows you the initial landscape design. Ask about the cost of doing revisions to the existing design. There are few designers who even charge for every revision they make in the design. So, you need to get clarity about it in advance.

The design of the landscape design can either be drawn by hand, or created via a computer-based CAD program. The actual design work will begin now. There is a possibility that the designer will ask you a few more questions related to landscape design.

Final Design Review

Based on the details provided by you, your landscape designer may require a few weeks to come up with the final design review. It will be in the form of a scaled drawing. It will give you an in-depth detail of the entire location of patios, pergolas, walkways, trees, walls, perennials, and shrubs.


Every person has different requirements, and expectations respect to their landscape design. It is important that you communicate about it to your landscape designer to execute the work in the most desired way.

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