How To Choose The Right Promotional Lunch Bags For Your Tradeshow


Tradeshows are one of the impactful ways to promote your business. It is a good idea to hand out some form of promotional products to people. These products will have a company logo, and the name is written on them. This is a good way to make people recall the business whenever they look at these bags.

So, whenever they want products or services that your business offers, it will remind them of your business. To make the best impact on people, you need to choose the right promotional lunch bag for your tradeshow.

If you are looking to buy custom printed insulated bags, then consider Custom Earth Promos. This company is an eco-friendly place where you would get an extensive collection of reusable custom bags at the best prices.

Here is a guide that will tell you how you can do it.

Importance of Reusable Lunch Bags

People are becoming more and more conscious about preserving the environment. They prefer reusable lunch bags to school, or work than disposable paper bags.

When you give out promotional lunch bags at trade events, then they will be going to use them. Also, the more they will use, the more they will see your company information. It will slowly get registered in their mind.

What Type of Promotional Bags You Can Use?

If you want people to use your promotional bags for a longer time, then you need to ensure that they are made to be of good quality. Zipper baggies look cheap but are not the option to consider. Go for insulated bags that are designed to hold snacks, liquids, and other small-sized items like vegetable sticks.

The good part of these insulated bags is that the temperature of the food is preserved for a longer time. These bags will definitely be liked by your customers and so will be worth your investment.

What to Print On The Promotional Lunch Bags?

Once you have decided on the right promotional bags for your business, the next thing is to determine what will get printed on these bags. This is very important as it will serve the main objective of your business.

Company name, Company Logo, Company Contact Information, are the three most important things that you should get it printed on the bag. If there is space, you can even mention your services and products in a sentence or two.

The size of the logo should be only that much that people can clearly see, and relate it to your business. Focus on the quality of the bag. A good quality bag will put a good impression of your business on the minds of people.


The selection of the right product for your tradeshow has always been a challenging task for a majority of businesses. The product you choose should be functional, creative, and within your budget. These are some of the best tips that will surely help you find the appropriate promotional product for your tradeshow event.

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