Alcoholism – How To Find Your Loved One Or Friend Is Addicted


There is nothing wrong with having some wine or alcohol at a party in some rare occasions. It doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic. But when there is a physical and mental compulsion to intake alcohol then, it means you are being addicted to alcohol. The person who is into alcoholism drinks too much of it, though there are a lot of negative issues.

If you find you or your loved one is becoming alcoholic and want to get rid of it, seek guidance from your family physician or get any referrals to get the best recovery treatment.

If you are suffering from addiction as a couple and need a recovery program there are so many rehab centers that provide couples rehab plans to guide you throughout your recovery plan.

Signs That Warns Someone Is On Alcoholism

If you are watching your loved ones or friends, their tolerance to alcohol might have increased. They need some extra to get that satisfaction level. And the drinking duration also increases.

When you find alcohol hidden in a different place is a warning signal. To avoid the guilty feeling from being found by the loved one or friends they tend to hide the alcohol and other substances.

Those who are becoming addict to alcohol often try to hide it from their friends or loved ones. They try adding it to beverages that don’t have a strong smell or use mouth fresheners to hide the strong smell of alcohol. Thus, they quench their need for more alcohol to feel normal.

There occurs a more bruise or cold for your loved ones or friends when they start addicted to alcohol. And they tend to have a lower immune system resulting in frequent illness.

The person who is becoming addicted to alcohol tends to lie during every situation like when you ask them about the rashes they have or hiding the alcohol purchases.

Those who suffer from alcoholism have an extreme mood change due to either lack of alcohol or over dosage. And they suffer a lack of attention on anything because of their non-stop thinking about alcohol.

If you have found that you are drinking a lot of alcohol and tried to cut back from drinking and never succeeded, it shows that you are addicted to alcohol.

Another sign is that when someone doesn’t want to participate even in their favorite activities and always wants to be in loneliness. They feel these can help them hide their alcoholism from their loved ones or friends.

You may notice that your loved one or friend having problems in their family life, job and there arises a financial crisis in their life that may lead to a chain of severe problems in their life.

If you or your loved ones have got the disease of alcoholism, it is better to seek help, guidance, and treatment as soon as possible before it goes worse. There are so many treatments available and you can choose the best one for your loved one or friends.

If you need couples therapy for addictioncontact Couple Rehab who is providing the best treatment for couples to overcome their addiction problem. As a couple, you can work towards the common goal of sobriety.

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