Easy Steps to Whiten Your Teeth at the Dentist


If you feel inferior due to your discolored or yellowish teeth, then you should seek the assistance of a professional teeth bleaching clinic. In this article, we will tell you simple ways using which you can get rid of discoloration and whiten your teeth at the dentist.

Are teeth bleaching treatment for everyone?

Not everyone can perform this treatment so it is better to begin by consulting your dentist to know about its eligibility criteria. People who have large-sized crowns, or fillings on the front teeth, are not eligible for teeth bleaching.

This is because the chemicals used for teeth bleaching can work on your natural teeth, but not the dental restorations that are made from porcelain, composite material, or ceramic.

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Who should go for teeth whitening?

People who have yellow discoloration are the ideal candidate for this treatment. The method can be less impactful on gray, and brown discolored teeth. It is not suitable when the discoloration is due to exposure towards tetracycline antibiotics while your teeth are in the developing stage (before the age of eight years).

How is teeth bleaching done at the dentist?

On the day of your whitening treatment, this is how the treatment will be performed.

  • Once you comfortably sit in the chair, your dentist will put a device named “lip retractor” into the mouth. This device is a plastic guide that will make your teeth accessible by moving your lips away.
  • Your gums will be covered with a gel and hardened using a high-powered light. This is a necessary step as it safeguards your gums from the action of bleaching chemicals. If you have tooth sensitivity, then your dentist can even apply a compound to the teeth to prevent this issue.
  • Now the dentist applies a gel made using 15 percentages to 35 percentage of hydrogen peroxide to the front teeth. This gel sinks into the exterior layer of the teeth and breaks away the stain compounds by initiating a chemical reaction “oxidation”.
  • Depending upon the extent and hardness of stains, it may need multiple applications of the gel throughout the teeth bleaching session of 40 minutes. Once the stains are removed, your dentist will wash away all the gel. You can find bleaching results from anywhere between four to six shades after just a single session. If you experience any gum or tooth sensitivity, then it will go on its own in one or two days.

How long will the effects of teeth-bleaching stay?

The effect of this dental treatment can last from months to years based on your diet and habits such as smoking, regular brushing, etc. Improper dental care can cause stains to return soon.


So, in this way teeth bleaching is performed at a professional clinic. Locate a good dental clinic to get the best results from the treatment.

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