Prioritizing Your Bathroom Remodel Budget


Whether you need to upgrade the space, or completely remodel for your family’s needs, here is how to budget for your bathroom renovation in three easy steps.


The average bathroom renovation can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $45,000 depending on the size of the room, and the choices you make along the way. One way to begin getting an overall idea of how your money will be spent is to have a macro breakdown of your costs.

The three major categories are materials, labor, and miscellaneous or extra. It is a good idea to think large to small. Although you are excited about the makeover and want to buy the coolest curtains and decor, you will want to wait. Start with your large components like counters, walls, walk in bath price, etc and leave the temporary and small things for if you have spending money left over. You don’t want to be halfway into a build and find out that you can’t finish the floor because the custom furniture you ordered ate up your budget.


Secondly, think about the build itself. What sort of a time frame are you looking at? How much will your labor costs be? It is helpful to talk to more than one contractor and then decide which one you would prefer to work with. Keep your expectations realistic and make sure they do the same. Check their customer reviews, look through their portfolios, and ask whether you or they will be paying and ordering the supplies needed.

It can save you time and labor costs if there are any portions of the remodel you can do yourself. However, you should only take on tasks you are confident in and dedicated to finishing. If you end up needing your contractor fix your mistakes you will have defeated the purpose and not saved any money at all.


Finally, determine what you can afford and prioritize from there. Much like the breakdown, you want to think large to small. Choose to spend your money where it matters most and get high-quality larger items and purchase the smaller trims and touches with the leftover money.

Furniture, mirrors, decorations, curtains, and lighting fixtures can all be upgraded relatively easy in the future when you have more time and money to spend. For now, use your budget wisely for the big ticket items, like the walk in bath price, floors, countertops, and toilet. Once the main items are upgraded it will give the room a whole new feel and you can swap out and upgrade the smaller items later.

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