Some Logical Reasons Why Memphis is a Truly Enchanting Place to Enjoy your Stay


Generally, people prefer to go to hill stations or beaches for their vacation. These two locations are popular among both kids and adults. How about a little change this time? Exploring vintage buildings, historical monuments, museums and in the evening enjoy music festivals with beer and dance. How does this sound?

Memphis near Mississippi River in Tennessee, US is a place where you can indulge in all these activities. Every February, there are musical events, but all year there is something exciting in the package. The city is famous for Beale Street, Elvis Presley, and barbecue food. You talk about any field and we have a list of entertainment in the stream.

We are Memphis is an online site built by and for Memphians. It is created to captivate audience and to uplift their city. The brand includes individuals and societies with different backgrounds that promote different strategies of their community. It is a non-profit group that tells about Memphians, their talent, businesses, powerful stories about past and present. If you want to know about the city, then visit their online site to know more.

If you’re not convinced, then we can let you know some interesting facts about the city –


This city has given birth to different forms of music. Elvis Presley was born here. Famous Sun Studio, Beale Street, Graceland, Stax Museum are some of the attractions that catch the attention of all.


The city is known as barbecue city of Tennessee. It’s famous for pork, chicken and every other meat BBQ you can think of. Food festivals are held along with beer tasting festival. People from different cities come to food festival to try their luck as a chef.


People are friendly and always welcome with warm smile. Food festivals, beer festivals, music events, and street markets are examples of open mind and warm welcome given by them.

History and Culture

It is full of museums and historical monuments that makes it the best historic place for tourists. This city was also a palace where slave trade and market were held in the 19th Century. The beginning of rock and roll, Sun Studio are some examples of growth of art and music.


Traveling to Memphis is easy because it is centrally located and is near Mississippi River. Traveling through, air, land, and sea are quite simple and fast. FedEx first hub was in this city where millions of packages were transported globally every day.


Residents as well as tourists both can enjoy their stay here at affordable price. Housing and goods cost are lower than other cities. There are many other places in Tennessee that are expensive, but here you can enjoy many things for free. For example, free live concerts at Levitt Shell, some outdoor activities at Big Rover Crossing, etc.

Festivals, Arts and Events

The best part of the town is that all year there are some kinds of events or festivals going around. Here are music events on Beale Street, BBQ event, beer festival, and the International Blues Festival. The city is also known for theatrical performances, music, and dance. You can enjoy ballet performance at Hattiloo Theatre.


There are more than nine parks near Mississippi River bank, along with that you have bike lanes all across the city to ride. If you’re besides a river, you will definitely get some water sports to enjoy in broad daylight.

None can say, their trip to the ‘city of soul’ was boring. There is something for everyone. Your entire day will be busy exploring the city while nightlife is all about music, drinks, and dance.

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