5 Best Practices To Help You Make Your Neighborhood A Safer Place


Improving safety in neighborhood is certainly not a one man’s job, but it is possible when one person takes an initiative. Once safety and security is restored in your neighborhood, you will see that it is not only a comfortable place to be, but even an enjoyable one. So, how can you do this? How can you make your neighborhood a safer place?

Here, we have mentioned the top 5 best practices which you can follow to ensure more safety for yourself and your neighbors. If you are looking forward to bring in some change, these practices can prove to be very helpful. So, let’s see what they are…

Top 5 best practices to make your neighborhood a safer place

  1. Get in touch with your neighbor

Now, did you earlier live in a neighborhood where everyone seemed familiar? Well, you are very lucky if you did. Unfortunately, now this is extremely rare. Neighborhoods have changed, and mostly no one knows who lives next door, but this situation is very much fixable.

Organizations like https://memphiscrime.org/safe-community-plan/ recommend that you try to introduce yourself to your neighbors and take an initiative to know them well. Try to know their working hours, who all are there in their families, and if they have kids how old are they. Knowing these things will help you figure out as soon as something seems suspicious.

Try to develop a close and friendly relationship with them. Make sure you are on good enough terms to call each other in case of emergencies. All in all, knowing who lives in your block can be very helpful and comforting.

  1. Take a lot of care when you are travelling

There are many things you can do to ensure your home and belongings remain safe while you are travelling. For instance, ask a friend or neighbor to pick your mails, mow your lawn, etc. You can even have timers installed for your lights, or may be control them via a smart security system. When everything is taken care off, an uninvited guest will know that your property is being watched thoroughly.

  1. Take every possible step to avoid crime

Take a look at your lifestyle, home, and even your car and think what you can do to ensure better safety. Do everything you can to diminish the opportunity of crime. For instance, trim bushes on your property regularly, to ensure there is no place to hide, or make sure the view of your front door and window is never obstructed, etc.

  1. Be familiar with the local Police Department

Usually, the police department is happy to help individuals who want to ensure safety for themselves and others. If you will approach them with your concern, surely they will guide you in the best possible manner.

  1. Install a dependable security system

Lastly, make sure you install a good security system on your property. It is observed that burglars mostly skip homes that have a security system installed. So, get on it right away.

Overall, making your neighborhood a safer place is possible. All you need to do is work as a team with your neighbors and take the above mentioned steps.

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