Ways to Impress a Potential Business Partner


Whether you’re looking for sponsorship or partnership, here are some ways you can roll out the red carpet and impress a potential business colleague.


Double check your website to make sure all videos, information, and hyperlinks are working and correct. Make sure your business cards have correct information and your logo looks nice. Think about a unique gift you could give that’s consistent with your branding. If you’re a music company then earbuds with your logo on the case, if a bakery, a kitchen utensil set with your business’ motto engraved on the handles, etc. A gift basket in their hotel room with local snacks and travel items may be very well received, especially if they have traveled a great distance to meet with you.

Keep the business looking clean and professional, on the outside and inside. All staff should be aware of the visit so they can dress and act their best. When the corporate limo service in Philadelphia, PA brings them to your door, have someone ready to greet them and show them around. Have parking spots reserved or passes ready if they drive themselves.


Next, it’s time to work on your presentation. Videos, slide shows, 3D printed models, artist renderings, and samples are great ways to incorporate visual aids. Try not to bombard your guests with facts, figures, and text. Give them a beginner to intermediate knowledge of your company and have in-depth material ready if they want to learn more.

Always be honest with your potential partner. If you have an area of your business that isn’t performing as well as you would like, take the opportunity to share with them your solutions and how you plan to overcome a challenge. Keep in mind  what your business can offer them is as important as what they can offer you.

Accommodation and Transportation

A creepy hotel with uncomfortable beds or unsanitary conditions will not leave the best impression on your potential partners. Likewise, a driver who is late, an employee’s vehicle that is dirty and full of baby toys, or a cramped car that cannot fit their luggage and persons comfortably will not get you any points.

Instead, rent a corporate limo service in Philadelphia PA, to transport them to and from your office to their hotel with the style and service your brand wants to be known for. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to impress a potential business partner. By taking care of the few areas listed above you can make a good first impression and hopefully encourage a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

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