3 Office Printing Etiquette Guidelines


In modern American offices, it’s not uncommon for employees to share the same printer. Most organizations only buy a handful of units, as these can already take care of the needs of the entire company. But, as with all communal amenities, one must practice the proper etiquette when using the equipment to show respect to other people. Read on to learn a few basic guidelines that you can follow.

Remove Paper Jams

No one likes a paper jam, but unfortunately, it’s a common printer problem. It can be quite troublesome to deal with, especially if the paper rips in half while you’re trying to remove it. It also usually takes a significant amount of time to resolve. So, imagine how someone would feel if they find that the person before them left without addressing the issue. It can be frustrating, particularly if they’re making a time-sensitive document.

To make sure that you don’t delay your colleagues, remove the jammed paper before leaving the equipment. Look at the printer’s prompts as a guide during the process. It should go back to normal once the blockage is clear.

Refill the Printer

Refill the printer if it runs out of paper, ink, or toner after producing your documents. This ensures that people in your office can continuously use it, making it more convenient for everyone.

Replenishing the paper tray should be simple enough to do. If the supply is readily available, you can open up a packet and pop it into the printer. Refilling the ink or toner though might be a bit trickier. But, if you’re familiar with the equipment, you may go ahead and install the new cartridge.

Some companies have teams dedicated to these tasks. So, if the printer mechanism seems complicated, the least you can do is to inform the designated employees about the issue.

Prioritize Smaller Print Jobs

Producing documents can take a long time, especially if you’re using an inkjet printer. Depending on how many pages need to be made, the whole process can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour or so.

If you’re going to print significantly more pages than the person next in line, you may want to let them go first. This small kindness will definitely help them save some time.

These are just a few etiquette tips that you can follow when using your office printer in Anchorage AK. Remember them so that you can contribute to a more harmonious working environment.

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