Add Some Flair to Your Home’s Exterior


Stucco, an exterior wall mortar coating consisting of cement, lime, and sand, has long been associated with the American Southwest, where it is the dominant siding used in construction. But its economical aspect combined with its durability and low maintenance have boosted its popularity. Stucco exteriors can now be found in nearly every state in the country. Cinder block homes are a natural choice to finish off with stucco, but it can be used on any exterior surface. If the exterior walls of your home or office are in need of some sprucing up, you owe it to yourself to consider a concrete stucco mix.

Why Use Stucco?

In addition to its durability and easy maintenance, stucco is also one of the most decorative finishes on the market today. It comes in different textures–dash, lace, sand or smooth–and can be troweled on, floated, or sprayed, each of which will produce a different result. It can add texture to your walls or can be as smooth as glass. Additionally, stucco can be painted after it is applied, or color can be added to the mix beforehand. The versatility of stucco, its water repellent nature, and its economical nature relative to other forms of siding make it a popular choice for an exterior surface.

What Type Is Best?

Even though stucco has been in use in the building trades since ancient times, the introduction of Portland cement at the turn of the 20th century revolutionized stucco, making it a very popular exterior surface product. It is now available in different types, depending on your needs. Start with a gray base coat material and finish with a more decorative material for your surface product. Talk to a salesperson in order to choose the best type of stucco for your walls. The basic type is a one-coat stucco that combines Portland cement and sand with a fiber reinforced material that provides extra strength and durability. You can use a surface bonding cement-fibered coat the strengthen masonry walls or use a high strength mix for a finish coat that adds reinforcing materials to make your walls strong and water resistant while adding beauty to your home at the same time. Strength, durability, economy, and low maintenance are all reasons to consider finishing your home’s exterior with a concrete stucco mix.

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