All That You Wanted to Know About Ice Bongs


You may be new to the world of smoking or perhaps want to get into your old habit after a pretty long time. You must have heard of ice catcher, which must have drawn your attention once again for smoking.

Reading this article will be useful before you head to any nearby smoke shop of your area to buy any ice bong.

What is ice catcher?

This is one part of bong which is designed for holding ice, so that you can get cooler smoking experience. Usually, they are located in the stem of your bong, just above percolators and the main chamber.  

Few other slang terms meant for ice catchers are 

  • Ice catch
  • Ice pincher
  • Ice pinch
  • Ice chamber.

How ice catchers work? 

Usually, ice catchers will be made by making a number of indents on inside of the tube, which will all come to the center point. 

These kinds of indentations can make your tube thinner, and allow them to hold filter smoke and ice through smaller hole, for getting the most of the cooling from it.  

Will the Ice catcher make bongs difficult to clean? 

This will really depend upon the pipe design itself. Few ice catches may have too many arms, and sometime they may come very close to touching the center.

In that case, it can restrict the airflow when clogged, and will make it difficult to fit for cleaning tools to reach into the bong particularly in your percolator. 

However, any well-designed ice catcher bongs do not have such problem. 

Pros and cons of the ice catches

Following are few pros and cons of ice catches:

  • Pros
  1. Does not impact cost
  2. Can make your smoking experience quite smooth
  3. Doesn’t impact durability 
  4. Cools smoke dramatically
  • Cons
  1. Normally bong can be little bigger hence may not suit some people
  2. Few poorly designed bongs can be difficult to clean.
  3. Once you bong with ice catcher, then it is difficult to go back

Few FAQ related to ice catcher

Following are the answers of few frequently asked questions related to ice catchers.

      1. Whether should I prefer for water pipe with percolator and ice catch?

If you want smoothest smoking and can handle large sized bong then you can go for it. Generally, percolator bongs can be smoother, but bit costly too. 

If you have sufficient budget, then go for the best bong from $80 to $120.

      2. Should I get any dab rig having an ice catcher?

As compared to regular bongs, dab rigs have to be much smoother as dabs are usually taken at higher temperatures. With ice catcher your bits can be even smoother. 

Although, tubes of most dab rigs are thin and cannot fit any ice catches, but few that can do.

      3. Can you convert ice catcher bongs as dab rigs?

Certainly, yes due to its smoothness and also since most water pipes of ice catcher may come with percolators, there should be no issue to turn your bong into high quality of oil rig with few accessories of dab rig.

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