Various Ways to Make Lighting Arrangements in Your Basketball Court


To prevent casualties in the basketball court, it is important to invest in a good lighting system.  LED lighting is designed to be highly efficient and offer a multitude of benefits to the user. The first step to ensure proper lighting in the court is to decide on the number of fixtures.  

In this article, you will learn about the requirement of luminaires to properly illuminate a basketball court.

Take measurement 

Before you step into the market to decide on the right lighting system to light up your basketball court, it is important to pay attention to two important things. Firstly, determine whether the project involves any outdoor or indoor court. 

Next, determine the measurements of the basketball court. In most of the cases, the dimensions of the court are 50 feet in width, and 84 feet in length. 

The minimum height of the ceiling is at least sixteen feet to prevent any disturbance in the play. To prevent the ball from hitting the ceiling, it is required to keep the ceiling high. Ideally, it should be at the mounting height of twenty-four feet from the ground.

Every sport has its different lighting requirements, so is basketball. If you are planning to make lighting arrangements for a basketball court, then consider LED Light Expert. It is one of the authentic and informative helpful resources to help you learn how to select the best basketball court lights.

Now the second important thing that you need to measure is how much light is needed per square foot to completely illuminate the court. You can use a light meter to find the required amount of foot candles. Ideally, it should be 75-foot candles.

Find good modeling software

Once you are ready with both these measurements, you need to search for robust and efficient modeling software that can accurately simulate architectural environments. If you do not want to spend on paid tools, then consider the Visual Interior Tool. 

This is a free tool by that lets you figure out your requirements of fixtures in the basketball court. In addition to the number of fixtures needed, this modeling tool will also tell you the distance that you need to keep between each of the commercial lights.

Input the measurements into the software

Once you have located your desired modeling software, you will now need to input the dimensions. This can be done by choosing an LED high bay that looks like a fixture that meets your budget. Ideally, the greater the lumen yield, the lesser fixtures you will require. 

  • Determine the lighting system for Indoor Lighting

Indoor basketball courts have a high ceiling that needs high lumen LED light luminaire. It is recommended to use 325W LED or 265W linear high bay light. 

  • Determine the lighting system for Indoor Lighting

Outdoor courts don’t require as powerful lighting as indoor courts. 2-4 LED floodlights or shoebox lights will be appropriate. 


Proper lighting is one of the important things that you need to ensure in a basketball court. The above information will help you decide on the right indoor and outdoor lighting system of the court to make it a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

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