A Few Misunderstood Road Rules You Must Understand


While driving on the road, you may come under certain situation, where you are not too sure what action to be taken. As a result, many if you must have been fined by the authorities too.

Even while you were learning driving lessons Braybrook, perhaps you never asked your instructor about those situations. Let us discuss about those few misunderstood road rules.

  1. While you are in roundabouts

You need to slowdown a bit while you are approaching roundabout, so that vehicles already there may move. If you want to turn left/right then give proper indication. No indication needed, if you want to go straight.

2. Giving way to people who are pedestrians

There can always be pedestrian particularly near the traffic signal area. Whether you intend to turn right or left, if you find any pedestrian then allow them to cross the road first and then drive away.

3. Using mobile phones

It is illegal to use mobile phone while driving. However, if the mobile is fixed in your car and you are using Bluetooth technology and your vision of the road is not disturbed then you can use your mobile. You can text message or use mobile only after parking your car.

4. While lane merging

If you are driving on a road having no lane markings and number of lanes is reduced, then you must merge by allowing other vehicles ahead of you to pass.

However, any driver who wants to move from one lane, which is marked by few broken lines, must allow other vehicles already travelling to pass.

5. Keeping left

It is always mandatory to keep yourself in the left most lane even if you are driving at 80 Km/h. You may go to the right lane only for turning right, overtaking or taking U-turn.

6. Use of fog light and headlight

Avoid using high beam light if you are less than 200 meter behind or in front of any car, this may blind the driver of the other vehicle.

While driving under fog condition you are allowed to use your fog lights. During night driving you must use your headlight and tail lights.

7. U-turn

If the U turn indication is not available then you cannot take U-turn near the traffic light. While making U-turn, you must give clear indication and make sure that other vehicles are not present on your way.

8. Maintaining a safe distance

While driving behind any other vehicle, you must stay 3 seconds behind any vehicle moving in-front of you. However, during the conditions like dim light, rain, gravel roads you will need to increase the distance to 4 seconds to avoid crash situation.

9. Near school zones

If you are driving near school zone then you can notice the sign and slow down your driving speed. You are allowed to have maximum speed of 40 Km/h and drive cautiously.

10.Yellow traffic lights

If you are approaching near traffic signal displaying yellow sign then you must stop till the green light appears.

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