How to define your personal style #2: Mood boards

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Sorry for my sudden absence the last couple of days. As a birthday surprise, my family and boyfriend planned a few days on our boat. It was really nice; we went sailing and the weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful. Downside of the story was that I didn’t have time to plan any blog content beforehand and I couldn’t post anything while we were there, as there was no Internet. Although I have to admit that it felt kinda good to not be clinched to my iPhone or laptop all day!

Back to today’s blog topic. The first post was about basics, this time it is all about creating mood boards. In my opinion, mood boards can be really helpful to figure out what your style is. I’m creating lots of them, take my Monday Inspiration posts for example. I love collecting inspiring images anyway and putting them together usually exposes some kind of theme. These steps might work for you, too:

[1] Collect all kinds of images you like

This is a really fun and simple part, just browse the Internet or flick through a pile of magazines and collect everything you like. It can be ready-to-wear items, like a pair of shoes or some wonderfully crafted Cutler and Gross sunglasses, but also the more abstract things, like colours and fabrics.

[2] Put them together

Get crafty and create that mood board! It can be virtual – you could use Tumblr or Pinterest for example – or try it the “old skool” way and use a large piece of cardboard. The last option might be useful to get things more concrete.

[3] Have a closer look

Now, scout your mood board for any patterns. Look closely and try to find out what style it is you’re attracted to. Write down some words that come to mind while reflecting on your mood board. Perhaps there’s a color you used a lot, or a pattern. It doesn’t have to come down to one style of course, it can be a mix of different styles, most of the time that mix is what makes your style personal.

[4] Use it

Use the information your mood boards are providing you with. For example, when you’re going shopping, or when putting together an outfit. I always like creating mood boards for every new season, to see what trends I’m attracted to and which I most likely want to skip.

Have fun creating your mood boards!

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