Reasons Your DIY Musicians Blog Does Not Get Expected Hits

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Before MusicDigi, artists needed labels to distribute and sell their music. Today, MusicDigi has partnered with online stores that allow DIY musicians to sell their melodies across the world. The musicians get to keep all their sales revenue. If you desire to get your music on Google Playit has become easy.

  • Upload your tracks to MusicDigi
  • Choose Google Play and other 100+ music stores including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon
  • They send your track to Google Play and other streaming services or music store, you requested within 2 to 3 days.
  • Every time your track gets streamed or sold on Google Play or other services, you released revenue is generated.
  • 100% revenue gets paid directly into your MusicDigi account.

For these services, you pay MusicDigi only $39.99 per year.

After your song is uploaded and ready to be released on Google Play it is time for promoting your album on social media or promote it live, get a press release, or create content on your blog.

DIY music promotion ideas

Social media is a great way to stay before your fans. If you have a blog keep the content flowing. Share your inspiration for a specific song or the album or studio stories. You can even post videos of short lyric ideas. Communicate with your friends asking their opinion. Your friends will certainly follow your exciting content allowing you to increase more human connection.

Do-it-yourself musicians need to start their blogs. It will help them build their brand and people will recognize them for what they represent. There are some things you need to consider seriously about how to drive traffic or you will not get the number of visitors as expected.

Reasons that your music blog does not get the expected hits are –

  • Your post or music quality is not connecting with people. The task of a DIY musician is to concentrate 80% on their efforts to write great music. The other 20% on efforts to find simple ways of getting their track in front of their listeners as soon as possible. Remember, quality music gets automatically promoted and spread by fans.
  • Google does not adore you. Even if your blog is Google-friendly, you are blogging randomly. It means your content keywords are not optimized. Use Google keyword tool to find terms music fans use because search engines will find it easy to rank.
  • Frequency matters! Your fans need to see your blogs regularly. You cannot write a blog post now and then three months later. Even if your career is slow at the moment create and upload posts regularly.
  • The visibility of your blog depends on interesting content, updates, and search engine friendly. You cannot turn into a celebrity overnight. Make blogging a routine and show the best content on your blog daily.

DIY musicians can even find relevant and popular music blogs and get reviewed. You can even offer loyal followers a single melody from your album to download for FREE. It can motivate them to buy the album! With MusicDigi, sell your music all across the globe and turn into a brand.

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